Igantia is currently integrating deep sequencing, data analytics and theory to advance our understanding of menopause and uncover the biological aging mechanisms in women 


Igantia therapeutics app For women's health 

The Igantia Therapeutics App is available on Itunes and Google Play.  The app assists with your menopause journey and provides critical education - helping you better understand your menopause. The app provides up to date research, content and news about menopause.  Women will also have access to recent studies, clinical trials announcements and advances in the field.  


IGD - Uncovering Menopause 

The IGD Database is the first comprehensive database of genomic, metabolomic and proteomic data focused on better understanding aging in women. Currently Igantia is seeking women willing to become a part of this massive data collection initiative.  To submit your saliva or vaginal samples for sequencing and analysis or to learn more, please contact Igantia directly.  



Igantia has developed a pipeline of innovations for the treatment of hot flashes, vaginal dryness and a transplantation methodology to delay the onset of menopause. These technologies are currently in experimental stages and are currently awaiting FDA review.